November 2011

Cleveland Seasonal Employment: Who is Hiring?

To the many Clevelanders who are unemployed, seasonal jobs may not sound like a very good opportunity. Most Cleveland job seekers want a job that is going to last, but they should not disregard seasonal jobs. Seasonal jobs can provide an opportunity for those who have been out of work to add a new experience to their resume, while making some much-needed cash at the same time. Yes, these jobs do come to an end after the holiday season, but that just means that you should keep putting in those job applications and resumes while you are making a bit of money to help tide you over. You never know, you may receive a job offer that you are able to start immediately after your seasonal job is over. In the end, money is money and, if you need money, a seasonal job is a great way to earn some. Here are some Cleveland area seasonal job openings:

What's the Deal with Cleveland Temp Agencies?

This is my first post on this blog, but I definitely have experience searching for a job in the hideous Cleveland job market. Why do you think I gave up and started writing online instead? I do have a friend who is currently searching for a job in the Cleveland area, and I thought that I would chronicle some of his experiences to show other Clevelanders that they are not alone in their struggle in looking for a job. He was recently laid off from a job that he had for over a year.  Not long, by any means, but sadly the job he had before that he was laid off from also.  He was with the latter company for over five years. Getting to the subject at hand: What's the deal with Cleveland Temp agencies? Are they a viable resource for finding a job? I mean a real, full- or part-time or temp to hire job?